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"Doggone Cowboy",  "Jim Bridger", "My Home's in Montana", "Bury me not" on the Lone Prairie', and many more!

Western Ballads and Trail Songs -DISCONTINUED-

  • 1: Doggone Cowboy

    2: Jim Bridger

    3: Call of the far away Hills

    4: Rocky Mountain Express

    5: Can you hear those Pioneers

    6: Bury me Not, on the Lone Prairie

    7: One more Ride

    8: Commanche

    9: Never tie me Down

    10: The Searchers

    11: Wind River Trail

    12: The Call of the Canyon

    13: Restles Cattle

    14: Sweet Wyoming Home

    15: Sancho, The Homing Steer

    16: My Homes in Montana

    17: High Country

    18: A Sandman Lullabye

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